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This was seriously fun. The instructor was great, digging holes was awesome and the excavator obstacle course was really cool. Loved it!
YES! I had so much fun here!! Its a little bit off the beaten path but easy to find. It is run by two super nice and hilarious gentlemen. Def check out their website.

When and where does the everyday person get to operate CAT heavy equipment? Never until now!. The instruction and fun you have is excellent. It is also challenging to operate the equipment and gives you a new appreciation to the guy building a highway next to you.

This was a fun customer entertainment experience operating heavy construction equipment. Took a couple of customers out for a couple hours of digging with excavators and bulldozers. Everyone had a great time, and the guys at Extreme Sandbox were fantastic.

I had a lot of fun. We will be back again. I learned how to operate a skid steer, but there are excavators, bulldozers also. They have a firetruck also. Safety is first, but having a good time is a close second. The instructors are great. I would recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to drive the construction equipment to give it a try.

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