Group Packages


Group Packages

Extreme Sandbox is the perfect venue for a group to experience together. We cater to all group and event types. We are an ideal location for your corporate team building event, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, or just a time for friends and family to get together. We offer a truly unique group experience not offered anywhere else.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes. We offer standard packages for up to 10 participants and custom packages for groups of 10 to 100+ participants, always customizing to meet our clients needs. We are able to work with outside meeting planners or we can be your one stop shop by planning everything from transportation to catering needs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a specific request or interest in any of these group packages.


We are a perfect venue for your corporate event. We have the ability to take “team building” to a whole new level with our dynamic types of events. Or if you are looking for the perfect social outing for your team we have just the way to break the ice within your team.


Are you in charge of planning the perfect surprise birthday party? Or maybe it’s one last fling with the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette party. We cater to all types of events and will ensure your memorable moment will go down in the history books.


If you are looking for the perfect space to host your own event then consider our 10 acre sandbox. We are an ideal location with ample amount of space both indoors and outdoors to help facilitate your own event.

Corporate Events

We have a variety of to choose from. Please see the breakdown of our options below.

Social Team Gatherings

This is the ideal type of corporate event when the goal is for the team to just have a fun and memorable time. Our focus is on equipment time and just setting up the perfect space for the team to network together. Such a unique social setting that is perfect for teams to get to know each other while having this once in a lifetime experience.

Group Size – 5 to 100

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Formal Team Training

Scenario Based Training

This type of team training is conducted by breaking in to a team(s) of ideally 6-8 and then working on one large team building activity using our equipment. This is our most popular team building option and will definitely push the team dynamics outside of their comfort zone.

Group Size – up to 20

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Station Based Training

This type of team training is conducted by breaking in to smaller groups of ideally 4-5 and then rotating through several team building stations.Each station is about 1 hour in length and will have them working and competing against each other. “Sandbox Olympics” is a popular option.

Group Size – up to 30

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We have a variety of to choose from. Please see the typical breakdown of our options below.


We can create the perfect birthday party for all ages. We have the flexibility to host kid’s birthday parties with construction equipment on static display and real equipment demonstrations to dazzle the kids. Or for the older crowd we can make it a full fledged bucket list birthday to entertain your enter group with a real heavy equipment experience.

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Looking for the most unique bachelor/bachelorette party ever? Get your wedding party together for a day of earth moving challenges and competition on our 25-ton pieces of equipment that you will never forget! Special bachelor/bachelorette pricing available.

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Family Reunions

We love hosting any size family reunions and can entertain people of all ages. What better place to create true family memories than in our truly unique 10 acre sandbox. With our large open air facility you can set up a variety of family activities and games indoors while all of the “big toys” are operating on the outside. Or even bring out the BBQ and get your grill on! We offer countless year round options for your family reunion.

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Special Events

We have a variety of to choose from. Please see the typical breakdown of our options below.

Product Demos

With our flexible 10 acre site and large indoor facility, we can offer a truly unique space to showcase your own products. We have the ability to set up indoor/outdoor displays of your products and also create excitement around having your customers come to Extreme Sandbox for demos.

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Media Days

We truly enjoy working with media and can create a backdrop and excitement for any type of media coverage. We offer a very unique venue that media already loves to visit so it is very easy to showcase your own business in this our amazing sandbox.

Group Package Pricing

We have a variety of packages to choose from. Please see the pricing table below, to find a package that best meets your needs.


Mini Group Small Group
Up to 5 People Up to 10 People
$995 $1495
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Participants: Up to 5
  • Instructors: 2
  • Equipment: 3-4 pieces of equipment
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Participants: Up to 10
  • Instructors: 2
  • Equipment: 4 pieces of equipment
More Info

Mini Group

This package is designed for a small group of 3-5 individuals who would like to share an amazing experience together! This is our entry level group package that gives clients exclusive use and access to all of our equipment. Participants will get to decide when they arrive what pieces of equipment they want to operate. Typically, this session is run using our (4) larger pieces of equipment, (2) excavators and (2) bulldozers however, the group can decide which equipment they would like to run upon their arrival. (Add Time Option – add an hour of equipment time for $250/hr extra)

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Small Group

What a great way to celebrate that special occasion. The 2 hour group session is a perfect way for a small group to come out and have some serious fun. It is ideal for teenage birthday parties or graduation celebrations. For adults, what a better way to enjoy a family reunion, retirement or other fun celebrations. This is also a great way to save some dough if a group of friends want to come out and split the cost as a group. (Add Time Option – add an hour of equipment time for $500/hr extra)


Built to meet client’s needs.
Groups of All Sizes | 2-8 Hours
Prices Options
$100-$200 per person
(depending on group size & options)

Facility fees:

  • Small – $300
    (less than 20 participants)
  • Medium – $400
    (20 to 50 participants)
  • Large – $500
    (greater than 50 participants)
  • Catering – $20-$25 per person
  • Car Crush – $750 per car (site surcharge may apply)
  • Fire Truck Experience *Minnesota Location only. – $150/hr
  • Photo Package – $100 to $200 (depending on options)
  • Mobile Training – $150
  • Meeting Space Rental – $250/hr

Additional Partners – can assist with arranging transportation, lodging, or other logistical needs

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