12 Unique Corporate Events in Dallas

It can be a little intimidating when you’re the one in charge of picking the right venue for your next corporate event. There are so many different options to choose from.

You want to pick something that isn’t going to put people to sleep after the first few minutes as well as something that allows your team to share an experience and grow closer because of it. 

Lucky for you, Dallas offers some great options for you to give your team a fun, new experience. 

At Extreme Sandbox, we let you play on construction equipment and focus on giving you a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience. Whether you’re young or old, with a small or large group, we do our best to make sure your team has a great time. 

Interested in the other options around Dallas? Here are some of our favorites, so you can ensure your team has a unique experience at each corporate event.  


Can You Rob The Bank?

Website: https://canyourobthebank.com/

Description: From themed decor, stunning effects, and unexpected plot twists, you are submerged into an atmosphere of fun adventure. Race against the clock by using skills like finding clues, solving puzzles, and cracking codes. This is the perfect place for special events such as corporate team building. Learn important lessons in communication, organization, and critical thinking.  

Escape This

Website: https://canyouescapethis.com/

Description: Escape This hosts corporate events for 24 hours a day Monday through Thursday, and 7:00am to 6:00pm on Fridays. With their spacious areas, they are able to accommodate larger groups, which is not particularly common for escape rooms. Their 75” HD flatscreen TC is connected with surround sound Bose speakers making it an ideal spot for presentations.

Escape This is a great space to bring about constructive collaboration. You are able to work as a team towards a common goal and forcing players to come together to find clues and communicate with each other. The teams who usually perform the best are the ones that will work together with effective listening and communication, and solving it solo is not going to happen. The challenges that take place force you to think critically about how each and every object in the room can be used to uncover clues, solve the puzzle, and escape. There is a new challenge every time with four different escape room mystery options to choose from, making every experience unique. 

BBQ Like a Champ

Website: https://bbqlikeachamp.com/

Description: This won’t be your average corporate team-building exercise and is something that will be a sure hit with just about any crowd. You’ll begin with a BBQ and Grilling 101 course and learn the basics of good BBQ. You’ll then learn how to judge BBQ and will get a behind the scenes look at how the biggest and most prestigious BBQ competitions in the world are judged, and what they look for. You then get the chance to break out the grills and have a BBQ contest of your own. Winner will get bragging rights and a little prize. The participants will be put into challenges and situations that real competition BBQ teams take on, and work together to find a way to overcome those challenges on time and under budget. There are a few twists and turns in the process, and a good time is had by everyone. 

Group Dynamix

Website: https://groupdynamix.com/

Description: Group Dynamix is a group that gives business and corporations an opportunity for fun group outings, team building, and growth and development. Whether you are looking for expert guidance in team-building or trying to find a way to reward your employees with a fun event, Group Dynamix has the facilities, trained experts, and resources to inspire and motivate your employees. 


Website: https://topgolf.com/us/

Description: Topgolf is your premier entertainment destination where everyone is bound to have a great time. 

With the headquarters located in Dallas, Topgolf is a must for teams. No matter what the occasion, Topgolf believes that every great time is started with play, fueled by food and drinks, driven by music, and made possible through community. 

One awesome feature of Topgolf is the climate-controlled bay areas which makes golfing year-round enjoyable. Especially during the summer heat! HDTVs provide added entertainment in each bay, in their sports bar and restaurant areas. 

The food at Topgolf is also something that isn’t taken lightly. Inside each location, there is an accomplished executive chef with an experienced team using high-quality ingredients. 

Trinity Tree Tops

Website: https://trinitytreetops.com/

Description: At Trinity Tree Tops, you can be assured that that you will have a devoted staff giving your team a unique team-building experience tailored to help you achieve the goals you set for yourselves. 

No matter if your goal is to gain more leadership skills, or just to grow and bond as a team, they fit the challenges to your desires so you can get the most out of your experience. 

Bad Axe Throwing

Website: https://badaxethrowing.com/

Description: Being the world’s largest urban axe throwing company, they promise they will show you a good time. Companies bring clients and employees to Bad Axe because it is such a fun experience. They host group events that can range from 1-2 hours of throwing axes. You will have a dedicated axe throwing coach that will teach you the tips and tricks to Axe Throwing while playing games. 


Website: https://pinstackbowl.com/

Description: Team building activities are a great way to build a stronger connection and improve communication between team members. With PINSTACK, you are able to choose from a variety of activities such as Amazing Race, Charity Bike Build, Minute to Win, Iron Chef, Cooking Up Sales, and more. You also have the option to design your own activity and work with the party hosts and design an activity of your own that your team will love. PINSTACK offers fun and exciting challenges and exercises that your team will enjoy. 

Maverick VR

Website: https://www.maverickvr.com/dallas

Description: Maverick VR provides amazing VR experiences that you will never forget. Whether you are a small private party or a national convention with thousands of attendees, there is an option for you. You will be able to create a menu of different VR experiences that will enhance your time and event. You also have the ability to put your company’s branding into the VR experience itself giving users a long-lasting impression of your brand. They have experience customizing hundreds of events to make your virtual reality experience best fit the goals you have for your event. 

Code Red Mobile Laser Tag

Website: https://coderedlasertag.com/

Description: Code Red Mobile Laser Tag brings the laser tag battlefield and party to you. What started out as a desire to bring video games into reality and welts out of paintball, this is what was developed. You are able to play laser tag anywhere and anytime, indoors and outdoors, day or night. You don’t have to deal with those weird fog machines and loud techno music and play the game on your terms and standards. The equipment is also meant to look and feel like a real-life video game. 

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Website: https://www.dallasarboretum.org/

Description: At the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, guests will take in the beautiful surrounding nature, incredible architecture, and atmosphere during their corporate event. The Dallas Arboretum has lush gardens and historic homes that serve as a beautiful backdrop anytime of the day. The venues are great for any size group from a small retreat to a convention of 500 people. There are several venues both indoor and outdoor that are available to rent over the 66 acres of land the Arboretum has to offer. Their team of professionals can also help to plan the event and bring your vision to life. 

Extreme Sandbox

Website: https://www.extremesandbox.com/

Description: Extreme Sandbox is the go-to place for you to enjoy something fun with your team. Having the ability to cater to group and event types of all sizes, we are the perfect spot for your corporate team building event and give you an experience that is not offered anywhere else. The standard packages we offer are for groups up to 10, and have options for custom packages if groups are 10 to 100+ participants. We are willing to work with outside planners, or can make it easy on you and be your one-stop-shop and plan out everything from catering to your transportation. Reach out to us if you have any questions or specific requests. We look forward to having you. 

We hope this list of Best Corporate Events Dallas was beneficial to you and helps to give your employees a great experience to bond over.