The Origins Press Release (June 2023)

Extreme Sandbox/Carbon Origins Partnership

Carbon Origins and Extreme Sandbox Team Up to Bring AR/VR and AI to Heavy Equipment Industry.


HASTINGS, Minn. (June 7, 2023) – Minnesota-based robotics firm Carbon Origins and heavy equipment adventure company Extreme Sandbox are embarking on a pioneering partnership to bring cutting-edge AR/VR teleoperation and AI-assisted training to heavy equipment entertainment and workforce development. Since February this year, the two teams have collaborated to integrate the Origins™ robotics platform onto Extreme Sandbox’s Bobcat skid steer. Soon they will integrate other equipment from different manufacturers. The partnership aims to develop a revolutionary workforce development platform to train existing and new equipment operators how to use next-generation tools like teleoperation and AI.


The heavy equipment industry is perpetually evolving, integrating autonomous operations and creating tools to support its current workforce. In the face of an ongoing labor crisis in the construction field, the introduction of remote operations could provide a solution to widening the hiring pool to a diverse range of candidates.


“Carbon Origins is truly leading the way in reshaping the construction industry,” says Extreme Sandbox CEO Randy Stenger. “With Origins, companies will soon be recruiting talent virtually from every corner of the globe.”


While Carbon Origins’ primary goal is to automate heavy equipment, they initially tested their technology on their last-mile delivery robot platform, affectionately known as Skippy.


“Skippy served as a great proof of concept for our core technology,” said Carbon Origin CEO Amogha Srirangarajan. “The vision of empowering heavy equipment operators with teleoperation capabilities and AI assistants has always been the ultimate goal; we first perfected most of our technology stack on delivery vehicles that are more affordable.”


“After deploying 200-500-lb. robots on sidewalks in the US and Spain, and having perfected the platform in all possible environmental conditions, we’re ready to transform heavy equipment — weighing 10,000-lb. to 50,000-lb. — into robots by enhancing them with our sensors and software,” Srirangarajan explained.


Extreme Sandbox is testing several new heavy equipment VR/AR teleoperation and AI-guided experiences powered by Origins, with plans to make it available to the general public this summer; most recently with their Heavy Metal Dine In construction events beginning June 10th. “We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our customers with an unforgettable adventure,” explains Stenger. “With Carbon Origins’ technology, we are able to offer them this experience not only onsite at Extreme Sandbox, but from anywhere in the world.”


“We recognize the incredible impact teleoperation and AI will have in the construction industry,” says Stenger. “We are impressed by the work and dedication that the Carbon Origin team has put into this endeavor, and we are proud to be a partner in helping them inspire the next generation of construction workers. The future is now.”


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